Thermoforming machine for flexible or rigid film with modified atmosphere (MAP) and vacuum options. The highest performance level thermoformer.

Thermoforming machine to pack food and medical products, obtaining flexible and rigid packages.

As an option, you can also create vacuum or make gas injection (MAP) inside the package.

This machine has been made with corrosion resistent materials. It has a stainless steel frame and its design incorporates the latest requirements related to hygiene, easy cleaning, security and minimum maintenance.

All the functional modules of the machine have been designed so that they are strong and highly performant, allowing them to be adapted to different formats and production needs.


Assembly aspects:

  • Modular assembly.
  • Stainless frame (AISI 304).
  • IP-65 protection system.
  • Control system with programmable automaton.
  • Touch screen.
  • Protection and security according to EC standards.

Control system

This OPTIMA machine is very easy to operate from a control panel which can be oriented (300ยบ) with a touch screen including:

  • Language selection.
  • Operation mode selection.
  • Information about times and temperatures.
  • Control and forward selection.
  • Cycle counter.
  • Operation diagnosis.
  • Memory storage : up to 99 programmes.


The modular concept of this model allows it to adapt itself to the needs of each customer and to the features of each application (producto to be packed, type of materials, packing system, production, etc.) by means of different options and peripherals required in each case.

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