Automatic blister thermoforming machine for rigid film with medium-high performance level.

Automatic machine for continuous manufacture of blister packages, aimed at industrial products : accesories, spares, houseld, etc. mainly oriented to free service sales.

The Univers model unifies in a totally automatic single line the different operations made in a conventional blister packing process:

  • Package format.
  • Product feeding.
  • Cover sealing.
  • Package die cutting.

Once the package film heated (rigid films up to 500 micron thick), the machine can use different forming systems depending on the needs of each product : positive forming, negative forming or mechanically-assisted forming.

A large loading area eases product feeding in some housings created by the machine in a continuous process.

Package cover is placed in the sealing station. This cover can be made of board or plastic film, so obtaining board-plastic or plastic-plastic packages, depending on the needs of the customer in each case.

Packages are cut into units in the cutting station. Then, they come out of the station on an output belt.

The control system with programmable automaton includes a simple communication system by means of a touch screen which informs about the state of the machine and control parameters.

UNIVERS machine has been specially designed for high performance and frequent format changes. It includes easy exchange systems with no need for tools, so that the machine can be adapted to different formats in just a few minutes.


Assembly aspects:

  • Strong, steel frame.
  • Control system with programmable automation.
  • Touch screen.
  • Operation diagnosis.
  • Control parameter display.
  • Protection and security according to EC standards.

Easy to use:

  • Automatic machine cycle.
  • Memory storage : up to 99 programmes.
  • Format changes without tools.
  • Remnant cutting: shear.
  • Accessibility to all the elements.


  • Automatic board feeder.
  • Printed film centring.
  • Encoder.
  • Loading area can be enlarged.
  • Variable film width.
  • Connection to peripherals.
  • Additional cutting systems for suspensions.

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